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About Me

Hey! I'm Abby.


As far as looks go, I'm your standard brown-haired, brown-eyed beauty with a big smile and Midwestern charm. While these do describe me pretty well, they don't quite do me justice. Not really.    

I have been the damsel in distress, a loyal secretary to the city's biggest crime boss, a "by-the-books" cop who trust her instincts, and an angry airline mechanic who loves her crew but has no problem calling them out in front of everyone. I have also been a first-generation college student learning to make her way in the world, a zookeeper intern deepening her love for animals and nature, and an archaeologist digging up human prehistory in the American West.


And the best part: only some of these are characters in film. The others, were just me being me.


When I'm not acting, I play video games (PS4 is hands down the better gaming console, sorry Xbox lovers), read books, travel to unfamiliar places, and try new things (most recently, American Sign Language and the ukulele).


Check out my portfolio to see BTS pictures, headshots, demo reels and more!

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